Mysterious PS4 Update 5.53-01 Rolls Out

PS4 Update 10.00

Turn on your PlayStation 4 consoles, people! There’s a new PS4 system software update, and it’s a weird one. Weirdly named as PS4 update 5.53-01 (yes, not a typo), it’s just 69MB in size, and what’s more, my PS4 Pro didn’t even reboot when it was installed.

Usually, a PS4 firmware update meant that after downloading, the console would power down, reboot, and then apply the patch. Not so for this one. It just showed a black screen, showed it was being installed, and I was back in the menus of the PS4 again. Heck, it didn’t even “kill off” my suspended God of War play session!

Checking on Reddit, one user has mentioned that the PlayStation Plus sector in their Library is now working after this update, since before it, it didn’t show all his PS+ games. Of course, the standard “This system software update improves system performance” line is being bandied about by Sony once again.

What’s weird here is the naming used; since as far as I know, this is the first time (ever) that Sony used a “01” in a system software update. Is this a naming error? Premature release? Once we know more about this, we’ll be sure to let people know. But then again, chances are this is just a super minor patch to fix a small technical issue that’s as uneventful as the other system software roll outs.

If you notice anything out of the ordinary, please leave a comment below.

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