New Battlefield 4 Second Assault Details – Differences Between Old Vs. New Maps, Levolution and Vehicles

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Battlefield YouTube personality LevelCapGaming, who has had a few hours of hands-on time with Battlefield 4‘s upcoming Second Assault expansion during a recent press event, is answering questions about the DLC via a posting on Reddit.

“So I just spent a few hours playing the 4 new second assault maps,” he writes. “Metro, Oman, Caspian and Firestorm. Metro looks great, with new paths, fire that spreads through the grass outside and the ability to kill the lights. Oman looks very similar except the beach is now super rocky providing good cover and the sand storm is crazy! Caspian’s new wall makes a big difference in the flow of vehicular combat. Firestorm is extremely fiery now. Lots of gas leaks that will kill people standing too close.”

He went on to answer a few questions about the DLC, revealing some of the key differences between the original Battlefield 3 maps and their newly reimagined Battlefield 4 variations.

Q: What are the vehicles on Oman? And does the US still spawn on the carrier? Oman was my fav map of all time so im super excited!!!A: There is still a carrier. Once the sandstorm starts you can’t even see it. Vehicles look the same as before, helicopters, jets, tanks, etc. Skid loader is back with vengeance. That thing has a crazy top speed now and you can operate the shovel. Skid loader = OP

Q: How is Metro now, is it more like OP Locker with more paths that prevents choke points (at least in 32p version of the map) or is it still the same clusterf*ck?

A: It will play very much like the old metro. But has a few more sneaky paths. Also the elevators work but none of this will change that good old clusterf*ck feeling of metro.

Q: Is Conquest on Metro still 3 flags? Or did they add another flag in the park area?

A: 3 flags on conquest. Also they blocked off some of the paths so it gets more narrow on conquest.

Q: Whats the Levolution event on each map?

A: So massive tower on caspian is a really cool event. Creates a bridge up to the D point area as we’ll. Oman is the sandstorm and I believe you can bring a crane down. I think metro is smaller levolution stuff like bringing down the ceiling. Firestorm you can destroy the giant pipeline creating a fiery hazard. I didn’t get to see it.

Q: Did the flag placement change? Are there any additional buildings on Oman. Is metro still the one tunnel only or can you go outside? What are the new assignments? Would be sweet if you could answer some.

A: Oman looks very similar buildings are almost identical with small changes. I didn’t see it but apparently you can bring down one of the construction cranes.

We’ll update this post if any further interesting comments arise. Be sure to stay tuned to MP1st tomorrow where we’ll have a round-up of Second Assault footage right here. There’s also a Second Assault live stream to keep an eye on with developers DICE LA.

Battlefield 4 Second Assault launches on the Xbox One first this Friday, November 22.