New Battlefield 5 Survey Released, Includes Grading Scale for Every Map

battlefield v 5.2.2 ttk

This isn’t new, but if you ever  took part in DICE’s Battlefield 5 feedback and such, a new Battlefield 5 survey has been released today, and this one lets you grade each map in the game!

Comprising of roughly around 16 questions, it’s the standard stuff that people have answered before, though this one lets you grade each and every map in Battlefield 5 from a scale of 1-10! Also, it asks you at the end whether the game plays better after the latest (4.6) patch.

New Battlefield 5 survey October 4

If you play Battlefield 5, you definitely need to take part in this survey. And before anyone asks, yes, I graded Operation Underground the highest out of all the maps, since I love Op Metro.

Don’t forget to check out the Battlefest event schedule here to see what’s happening all throughout October.

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