Battlefield 1 Revision 70 (Holiday Revision) Is Up. Free Superior Battlepack Just for Logging in Today

battlefield 1

While it’s the holidays, that doesn’t mean some of the stuff we’re used to won’t be making its way to our games. Case in point: the weekly Battlefield 1 Battlepack Revisions are still happening! For this week, the new Battlepack Revision is (#70) is called the Holiday Revision #3!

Thanks to Reddit user siedler084, you can check the complete list of contents in this holiday edition of the Battlepacks as well as the current Exchange.

In addition to the weekly Battlepack roll out, DICE is giving out a Superior Battlepack for everyone who logs in today in Battlefield 1! This is part of the studio’s holiday plans for the franchise, which you can read more of right here.

In other Battlefield 1 news, an enterprising player has rented a server on PlayStation 4 just so other players can complete their challenges! Read more about this Christmas Truce server here.

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