New Final Fantasy 7 Remake Trailer Shows Chaos and Unrest in Midgar

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A new Final Fantasy 7 Remake trailer has been released today. The trailer drops ahead of the Tokyo Games Show, which runs from September 12, 2019 to September 15, 2019, but is aimed at impressing audiences at the event. Check out the trailer below and read on for more details.

The new trailer focuses on events occurring in Midgar, showing civil unrest and chaos in the streets of the city. We already know that the upcoming release will only feature the sections from Midgar in Final Fantasy 7, with further parts of the game to be covered in future releases. Even so, this trailer shows a very different Midgar to the one that Final Fantasy fans know and love from the original version of the game.

Within the trailer are a few surprises for fans of Final Fantasy 7. First of all the fan-favourite Shinra Operatives, The Turks, make an appearance. In addition we see characters taking on a number of small mini games in a gym, indicating that there will be much more to do in Final Fantasy 7 Remake than simply play through the story. Finally, two summons were also showcased int heir updated forms in the trailer, Shiva and Ifrit, both of whom can be summoned in the game.

This trailer further shows how careful Square Enix is being with the source material. The story seems to have been lovingly recreated in an updated setting. A fantastic comedic moment also looks to be returning, in which players must seduce an NPC as Cloud while he dresses as a woman. More details about the game are sure to be revealed during the Tokyo Game Show as it unfolds this week.

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