New Screen of Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth DLC’s “Sunken Dragon” Map

“Charge a floating restaurant or drain a lake to launch a vehicle assault,” reads the latest caption attached to a brand new in-game screen shot of the map “Sunken Dragon,” one of four new maps included in Battlefield 4‘s upcoming Dragon’s Teeth DLC.

The image, discovered on Battlefield’s Facebook page, depicts two squads on Rhib Boats attacking a sinking structure in the middle of a large urban environment. It might not even be worth mentioning, as it could just be a small slip up, but we did notice a Russian soldier driving a boat full of Chinese soldiers. We’re not sure what’s up with that!

Here it is again:


We’d look for new weapons and gadgets, but we already know what’s coming in Dragon’s Teeth. In fact, those playing in Battlefield 4’s Community Test Environment will already have access to the new gear in an effort to help with balance. However, we’re still awaiting for the official announcement of any new game modes, a release date, and any more screens of some of the new maps.

You can catch a first glimpse of the DLC in action in Battlefield 4’s latest Premium trailer.

Thoughts on Sunken Dragon? Looks pretty close-quarters to us. But according to the caption, it appears that players will somehow be able to clear the water surrounding the play space to allow more ground vehicle play.

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