New Twisted Metal Details – Number of Vehicles and Modes Revealed Among Other Things

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David Jaffe reveals new Twisted Metal multiplayer details.

Be sure to read about multiplayer Balance, Teamwork, and The Juggernaut first.

In terms of how servers will be run, David Jaffe currently has no definite answer other then that his lead designer, who’s an absolutely brilliant person who has worked on multiplayer projects such as Warhawk according to Jeffe, is working on the servers. On another note, health regeneration has been adjusted since the E3 build. The regen-rate went from 2 minutes to 3 minutes causing players to use the map a lot more rather then stick in one area. Jeffe explains in a recent PS Nation podcast.

Some additional details:

17 Competitive Multiplayer Vehicles
7 Online Modes
Co-op Split screen for Story

As for some private matches, players will be allowed to adjust the amount of  Heavy Vehicles such as the Juggernaut, Talon, Junkyard Dog, and many others. Ranges go from having none to having an infinite amount. Ranked games Heavy Vehicles are based on what best fits, which at the moment is still being adjusted.

Also fans hoping that a Collector Edition to be made for the game may be disappointed as David Jaffe has said that there will not be one at launch and depending on how well the game does, then later on the line they may make one, otherwise you’ll be able to buy the RC Vehicles and T-shirts separately.

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