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Infinity Ward Shares New Look At Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Weapons & Vehicles News 13

News 13 Weapons and vehicles were the topic of discussion in a new behind-the-scenes look at Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare published over on the gam’s official Facebook page earlier today. In it, Lead Artists Dan Savage and Sean Byers talked about some of the design philosophies behind the futuristic tech featured in Infinity Ward’s new shooter […]

Battlefield Hardline’s Vehicle Gameplay to ‘Cover the Spectrum,’ Despite Absence of Tanks, Jets, and Attack Boats News 56

News 56 As I mentioned in my initial thoughts on Battlefield Hardline, one of the key aspects that sets Visceral’s shooter apart from other Battlefield titles out there is it’s core focus on transportation vehicles and the inclusion of mean rides like muscle cars, police cruisers, and speed bikes. I had quite the blast speeding through the streets of down […]

Battlefield 4 Will Let You Test Run Vehicles Before Entering Online Matches News 68

News 68 Vehicle warfare has always been a huge part of the Battlefield series, but unlike some other shooters out there today, the vehicles game can be a rather intimidating one that is tough to master. After all, nobody wants to be that guy who takes the team’s one good chopper, only to run it into the […]

Battlefield 4 Teaser – “Prepare 4 Battle” on Land [Update] News 40

News 40 Earlier today, DICE and EA revealed Battlefield 4 naval warfare through this short video teaser, hyping up Battlefield 4’s official public reveal on March 27 and hinting at the idea that players will be able to battle it out at sea in this next-gen FPS. It now appears GameStop got their hands on a similar teaser, […]

Arma 3 E3 Showcase – Vehicles Gameplay News 1

News 1 Bohemia Interactive have released yet another Arma 3 E3 Showcase this time focusing on the vehicles. The video shows off The Strider, along with Bohemia plans for vehicles, which include PhysX support. You can find the previous E3 Showcase videos through here.

Ubisoft Massive Confirms Vehicles Will Not Be Present In Far Cry 3 Multiplayer News 63

News 63 Ubisoft Massive Game Designer Daniel Berlin confirms that vehicles will not be present in the multiplayer of Far Cry 3. This may come as a surprise to many Far Cry fans who’ve become used to vehicles having a larger role in the multiplayer of Far Cry 2. Daniel Berlin tells Platform32 why in a recent […]

Starhawk Gets a Vehicle Trailer – Ride, Die, and Fly News 5

News 5 Sony and LightBox interactive have released a brand new trailer for PlayStation 3 exclusive Starhawk, which is set to release May 8th, showcasing four vehicles in the game, Sidewinder JetBike, Razorback, Ox Heavy Tank, and Hawk.

Upcoming Battlefield 3 Tweaks to Suppression, Shotguns and Hopefully Vehicles – More News on Xbox 360 Patch News 63

News 63 With the recent Battlefield 3 patch out and in the hands of controller squeezing, mouse grabbing, keyboard smashing Battlefielders, many are noticing faces of the good, the bad, and the ugly. DICE Senior Gameplay Designer Alan Kertz responds to fan feedback and reveals what’s in store for future tweaks. Let’s start with the good: Shotgun […]

Twisted Metal – Vehicle and Faction List, Hosting, and Nuke Mode News 1

News 1 New details for Twisted Metal have arrived from this month’s episode of QORE and also from this year’s CES. Depending on the game mode, you may begin a match in either close quarters or in a race. In close quarters, players will be locked up in a tight space where they will battle it out […]

New Twisted Metal Details – Number of Vehicles and Modes Revealed Among Other Things News 3

News 3 David Jaffe reveals new Twisted Metal multiplayer details. Be sure to read about multiplayer Balance, Teamwork, and The Juggernaut first. In terms of how servers will be run, David Jaffe currently has no definite answer other then that his lead designer, who’s an absolutely brilliant person who has worked on multiplayer projects such as Warhawk according […]

New Battlefield 3 Trailer Showcases Vehicles News 6

News 6 Yet another Battlefield 3 trailer has been released, this time focusing on the vehicles of Battlefield. Once again, most of the footage is recycled, but there are a few new shots here and there of both single player and multiplayer. Before watching, make sure to check out our Dissection of the Near Final Build of Battlefield […]

BF3 – Spawn Immunity Removed, No Customizable Red Dots, and Lasers Increase Accuracy News 16

News 16 Only a week and a few days away until Battlefield 3 finally arrives! We know everyone is missing the Beta and doesn’t quite know what to do with their lives at the moment, but we’ll make it through. For now, new information is surfacing about the retail version and we will be gathering as much […]

Battlefield – 3 Ways To Improve Your Game News 15

News 15 With the release of Battlefield 3 just under a month away, and the beta dropping in a few days, this would be the perfect time to hop onto Battlefield Bad Company 2 and hone the destructive killing machine that is you. The following 3 tips are sure to help your game and will allow you […]