New Watch Dogs Multiplayer Details – “Seamlessly” Overlaps With Single Player, Elements of Player Invasion

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In a recent PlayStation Blog update, Sony listed seven things you need to know about Ubisoft’s upcoming open-world title, Watch_Dogs.

As it so happens, one of these seven items talks about the game’s multiplayer, set in the streets of Chicago, and how it will “seamlessly overlap” with Watch_Dogs’s single player experience.

Watch_Dogs will feature a full-blown multiplayer mode set in the mean streets of Chicago, though final details are still under lock and key. More intriguing is that multiplayer and single-player will “seamlessly” overlap, an effort by Ubisoft to demolish the wall that has divided single-player gaming and multiplayer for decades. This interconnectivity will extend to a companion experience on mobile devices, though details remain scarce.

Both in-game and in general, Watch_Dogs seems to be all about interconnectivity, as Ubisoft has stated that they intend to create an experience that will “revolutionize the way players interact with each other.”

In addition, Joystiq reported that Watch_Dogs will feature elements of ‘player invasion’ as a form of multiplayer.

During a recent press event, Ubisoft Montreal Senior Producer Dominic Guay said that the team wants to “to start breaching the wall in action-adventure between single- and multiplayer.” He pointed to the conclusion of the game’s E3 2012 demonstration where another player hacked into the protagonist’s cell phone to plant a virus, and then to Sony’s PlayStation 4 unveiling where the game showcased a player being watched by someone who had hacked local security cameras.

Lastly, he mentioned a mobile companion app would allow users to interact with console players through their smart phone.

Check out some more Watch_Dogs open-world gameplay courtesy of RajmanGamingHD.

Watch_Dogs hits current- and next-gen consoles, as well as PC on November 19.