Next Battlefield V Update to Include Footstep Audio Fixes, Console Chat Is Back, Full Notes Monday

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While we’ve already gotten the big Battlefield V January update earlier this month, DICE has another patch set to be deployed soon that will fix a few technical issues the game has.

Over on Twitter, Producer Jaqub Ajmal has given us a next Battlefield 5 update sneak peek! There are changes coming to footstep audio, ledge-grabbing tweaks and more!

Sneak-peak of a few things that are in the next BFV update: -Footstep audio has been further fine-tuned, is now somewhere between previous and current update. -Cool new and neat additions to the Practice Range. -Bi-pod improvements -Further Vaulting improvements

-Ledge grabbing improvements -Fix for the Killcam that would have an unintended delay -Medic revive icons timer has been fixed -Console chat is back! -Universal Carrier now has a horn! (Honk honk!) -AA improvements -Various Frontlines UI fixes -Fixed some exploits

-Improved flow when joining a friend that is on a full server -HUD aim lead indicator has been implemented along with the show netgraph on problems option. -On PC if you try to join a friend that is on a full server you will now get added into the server queue instead of being

told that the “Squad is full”. And many more good fixes! You will have to stay tuned until Monday for more info, which is when we plan to release the full update notes!

As you can see from the last tweet, the full patch notes is set to be released this coming Monday. Don’t forget, DICE has pushed back the game’s microtransactions since the studio has yet to fully fix the Company Coin issue.