EA CEO: Next Battlefield Game in a “Never-Before-Seen Scale,” Undergoing Internal Testing

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It’s common knowledge by now that DICE is hard at work on the next Battlefield game, and today, it seems we’re getting the first few official details regarding it!

During EA’s latests financials report, EA CEO Andrew Wilson commented on how DICE ‘s next entry in the franchise is on a “never-before-seen scale,” and that it’s currently in internal playtesting, which bodes well for the shooter.

DICE is creating our next Battlefield game with never-before-seen scale. The technical advancements of the new consoles are allowing the team to deliver on a true next-gen vision for the franchise. We have hands-on play testing underway internally, and the team’s been getting very positive feedback on the game as we’ve begun to engage our community.

In the same report, Wilson confirmed that this new, yet-untitled Battlefield game will ship in holiday 2021, which should shock no one, as the franchise has regularly been released near its rival, the Call of Duty franchise.

This is good news, right, Battlefield fans? Hopefully, we get something closer to Battlefield 3 or 4 than to Battlefield 5.

In other Battlefield news, we are running a poll regarding which Battlefield game is the best of all-time (Bad Company 2 or BF3), and joining it could net you some sweet digital store credit!

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