Nioh 2 Launch Trailer Reveals Returning Character

Nioh 2 Update 1.23

Nioh 2 is releasing in just two short days, and to celebrate, PlayStation has released the Nioh 2 launch trailer. Though major spoiler warning for those wanting to go in blind.

Thew new trailer, which can be seen below, features a number of new enemies and characters we’ve yet to see, along with some rather stylish gameplay. However, it is not until the very end that viewers are treated with a surprise returning character. Still here? Well for those who played the original Nioh, that familiar face happens to belong to the main protagonist, William Adams.

Nioh 2 Launch Trailer

About Nioh 2:

Master the lethal arts of the samurai as a mysterious half-human, half-supernatural Yokai warrior, in this challenging action RPG sequel.

Explore violent Sengoku-era Japan and the deadly Dark Realm, both plagued with grotesque, merciless demons.

Unsheathe your deadly weapons and cut down all enemies in your path using a revamped combat system and the ability to transform into a full Yokai to unleash devastating paranormal powers.

Journey to 1555 Japan, a country gripped in endless warfare where monsters and evil spirits stalk a land of natural beauty and menacing peril.

Hunt down your enemies as a rogue mercenary wielding the supernatural powers of the mythical Yokai.

Can you survive the treacherous Sengoku era and the new and terrifying Dark Realm?

Pretty exciting right? Nioh 2 is launching this Friday, exclusively for the PlayStation 4. For those who pre-ordered, the title is now available for pre-load.

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