No Man’s Sky Update Version 2.06 Patch Notes and File Size Info for Consoles

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While we got two No Man’s Sky updates yesterday, it seems Hello Games isn’t done for the week just yet! Today, No Man’s Sky update version 2.06 is now out on consoles as well! This one clocks in at just 720MB on PS4.

Check out the No Man’s Sky update version 2.06 patch notes below:

Bug fixes

  • Fix for instance rendering crash.
  • Added improved warnings for GPU issues.
  • Added improved warnings for Vulkan driver support.
  • Fix for incorrect fullscreen or max size on 4k/scaled displays.
  • Fix for uninitialised render buffer returned from API.
  • Fix for crash when incorrect number of freighters spawn.
  • Fix for crash when disconnecting from Multiplayer in UI.
  • Fix for crash on controller remapping screen.

Will we see a new one again this weekend? Probably not, but if we do, we’ll let you know.