Monster Hunter World Nude Mods Are a Thing Now, Here’s How to Get ‘Em (NSFW)

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Have you ever wanted to hunt beasties in Monster Hunter World in your birthday suit? Maybe taking down Nergigante is more impressive if you can do it in the nude? If the answer to those questions are a yes, then these Monster Hunter World mods for PC are just the thing!

Before you dive in further, remember: these are mods and not supported by Capcom at all, so install at your own risk. And in case it wasn’t obvious enough, they are extremely NSFW (not safe for work)! If you have kids watching you slay monsters, it might not be a good idea to have these installed, alright?

Nexus mods user Sakura4 has made a mod that replaces the male Kirin Leg Guards with a nude texture uncovering the legs and butt! (Download link)

Sakura4 has also created a mod that alters the chest and waist portions of the Dober armor for the male and female characters, too. (Download link)

UberGrainy created a nude female player model for the Samurai Layered Armor. The modder states that this is the result of fiddling around with the swimsuit portions of the model. (Download link). Check out the screenshot of it below.

Finally, modder Thray has created a skin texture swap for the female model, and this one shows a the complete package! (Download link)

The mods are said to be simple enough to install, with full instructions in each respective link above.

In other Monster Hunter World news, the PC version is now officially the biggest Japanese Steam game of all time!

Source: Lewdgamer

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