Player Freedom vs. Linear Gameplay – Major’s Take

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Continuing our support of the Pixel Enemy community and bringing the very best submissions to you here on MP1st, we’d like to draw attention to this video by Major.

As games have evolved, we’ve seen many titles embrace the open world, giving players more space to explore. However, some games still like to keep gamers on a tight leash, directing them towards objectives, and punishing them for going against the developers intentions. Other games, on the other hand, give players the freedom to do as they wish, with little instruction. 

While Major focuses more on single-player experiences, what he’s got to say also applies to multiplayer games. We’re seeing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds blowing up right now, with millions loving it. That game does little to teach players the ropes, slapping them on an island, with only one instruction: stay within the white circle. 

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