Outriders Demo Length Is 3 Hours Long, Won’t Restrict Players to Just the Main Campaign

Outriders Demo Update 1.07

In case you didn’t know, People Can Fly’s upcoming looter shooter Outriders is getting a demo tomorrow. Nope, it’s not a beta, but an actual demo. It won’t just give players 1-2 mission and call it a day, either, as the Outriders demo length clocks in at about three hours worth of gameplay!

This was revealed by People Can Fly in a recent phone interview with games media which MP1st was invited to. According to People Can Fly, players will have three hours worth of gameplay from the demo, and it will feature the opening act of Outriders (the prologue).

In addition to that, the demo won’t restrict players to stick to the main campaign, and will let players tackle side missions, too. And yes, the side missions can be replayed multiple times.

The Outriders demo is out tomorrow, February 25, and you can check when it’s available where you are in this handy FAQ! MP1st will share our demo impressions soon, though we want to make sure we play it enough before we give our initial opinion on it.

Outriders is out on April 1 for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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