Outriders Demo Missing Legendary Weapons, Accolades and Restoration Outlined by People Can Fly

Outriders Demo Missing Legendary Weapons

Earlier today, People Can Fly released a new patch for the Outriders demo that’s aimed at making sure legendary weapons don’t go missing since, y’know, since it takes ages to farm them. In addition to the patch, the studio has outlined what players can do for the Outriders demo legendary weapons that are missing, the accolades and more.

Outriders Demo Missing Legendary Weapons and Accolades Acknowledgement by People Can Fly:

We have further good news to share with you today.

We believe we have identified and now prevented the Inventory Wipe/Items Disappearing issue from occurring in the Outriders Demo.

We actually published the fix for this issue on Monday, but have been using the days since then to verify whether our resolution has been successful in order to not make any false promises. Today’s patch has added an extra safeguard against this issue occurring in future based on our findings.

To that end, we would please ask any players who have had their inventory wiped on any of the following days to please let us know on this comment or as a reply on this tweet:

  • Tuesday, March 16th
  • Wednesday, March 17th
  • Thursday, March 18th
  • Today or any day after today (Friday, March 19th)

We hope that no inventory wipes should have occurred during these days, but we want to ensure that this issue has been resolved, so please do let us know!

Can My Outriders Demo MIssing Legendary Weapons Be Restored/Brought Back?

Ah, now this is the major question on everyone’s minds. Well, there is some good news from today’s announcement, and that’s the confirmation that a restoration process is in the cards!


Now that we believe that the issue has been prevented going forward, we can focus a bit more on how we plan to compensate affected players.

We fully understand the disappointment of feeling like you have lost significant progress, items or time, and we would like to assure you that we are doing everything in our power to make things right.

While we are still working on the exact technicalities, below are our intentions for item restorations:

  • Restoration should take place on a specific day and should be a one-time event
    • The exact date is TBC but we’re hoping for this to occur prior to the launch of Outriders on April 1
    • We will update you when we have confirmation of date and timings
  • We will only be able to restore Legendary items that have been lost as a result of this bug
  • We will not be able to restore items of a rarity below Legendary
  • At this time you do not need to get in touch with us to report inventory disappearances that occurred prior to Monday March 15th.

Please note that these are our intentions that we are providing here for transparency. While we will try our hardest to make things right, we unfortunately cannot make guarantees for the specifics of the above or the timeline of this, as we may run into technical difficulties that delay our work.

Outriders Demo Missing Accolades

People Can Fly also touched o the missing Accolades players earned in the beta, and yes, there are plans to sort that out too.


This appears to be a separate issue and we do still need to uncover the full extent of it in order to better tailor our resolution for it.

To that end, could anyone who has had their accolades wiped, please reply to this comment or this tweet.

Understanding the numbers of players affected by this will help us greatly as we continue to investigate this issue

Hopefully, these are all sorted out soon and without much hassle for players. For those who want to grind for legendary weapons in the demo, you can do so now with the knowledge that the bug won’t affect you thanks to today’s patch.

Make sure to direct feedback for the relevant topics to that Twitter thread or Reddit thread linked above.

Source: Reddit

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