Outriders Worldslayer Info Overview and Preview – Slaying Anomalies

Outriders Worldslayer

While it’s been a rather long wait, People Can Fly is finally releasing a full-fledged expansion to Outriders! Square Enix invited MP1st to play an early build of the upcoming Outriders Worldslayer expansion, and we’re here to not only deliver a preview of it, but also to share everything we learned from it — all in an easy to read format.

Outriders Worldslayer Expansion Info Overview and Preview:

General Info:

  • Release date is locked for June 30, 2022
  • Won’t be available via Game Pass. Base Outriders game will still be in Game Pass but players who want to play Worldslayer will need to upgrade their game.
  • Players will be able to use their existing characters or jump straight in with a new character using the new Level 30 Boost feature
  • Worldslayer will introduce new gear, weapons armor and mods.
  • Level 30 Character Boost feature included in Worldslayer
  • PAX class tree is a new way to progress your character, and will be a separate class tree from the existing three-branch class tree from the base game.
  • Worldslayer will introduce a new progression system called “Ascension.”
  • Worldslayer expansion suitable for new and veteran players alike.
  • Introduces a brand-new story campaign that players can jump into even if they haven’t played the original story:
The new story will pit you against one of the first and most powerful Altered, Ereshkigal, who wields a new power no one’s ever seen before. She stands in the way of the Outriders’ continued quest for the survival of humanity, as the planet of Enoch experiences cataclysmic changes caused by the Anomaly. She has her own plans, and only by embracing your Altered power can you even hope to prevail in the greatest battle the Outriders have ever faced.

The campaign will delve deeper into the alien nature of Enoch and the backstory of the world, and we’ve focused on creating a tight campaign experience with greater combat variety and more epic and alien environments.

Weapons and Gear:

  • Each class will be getting two new five-piece Legendary armor sets
  • There will also be new, three-piece armor sets that can be universally equipped by all classes
  • Worldslayer contains almost a hundred new Legendary items in total
  • Legendary and Apocalypse items have increase damage potential and can be modded with up to three slots
  • Increase your Ascension Points of Brutality, Endurance, Prowess and Anomaly with completing Apocalypse Tiers. Apocalypse tiers will be encountered in any section of the game including vanilla.
  • Apocalypse Gear can only be earned via drops

Gameplay and Misc.

  • Ancient City of Tarya Gratar features new horrors and obtains incredible loot in the endgame Expeditions.
  • Worldslayer will contain a new campaign story, higher gear level caps, new gear, new difficulty mode and a massive new endgame.
  • New and powerful Altered enemy called Ereshkigal. She has her own plans of what should happen on the planet Enoch. One of the fiercest battles Outriders players will face. 
  • Brand new campaign will delve deeper into the alien presence of Enoch and the general backstory of the world. A tighter campaign experience with greater variety and more environmental features.
  • Brand new way to progress your character with a system called PAX tree. A separate class tree from the already existing three, unlocks at level 30. PAX tree helps evolve your classes in Outriders with better performance. 
  • Max Apocalypse Tier you can unlock without owning Worldslayer is Tier 15. Similar to a Max Gear Level of 50 as well Challenge Tier 15 in vanilla. When you reach Apocalypse Tier 40, your Max Gear Level is 75, which is the new gear level cap.

Outriders pax skill tree

Gameplay Hands-On Impressions:

Right off the bat, we were dropped into an intense fight with a Snow Behemoth that is attempting to break free from its imprisoned shankles. This was the first time I got to experience the Apocalypse Tier 2 difficulty, which definitely put up a challenge, though not too aggressive like the higher tier versions. While playing, I couldn’t help but get a feeling of awe as the new snowy environment featured in Worldslayer were a sight to behold. Later on in the demo we also explored a village that dripped in dreariness as rain heavily poured on it. Definitely some variation in the environment, so for those worried that this expansion would focus on a single location, you’ll be glad to know that isn’t the case.

After some more exploring we ended up in Rift Town which allowed us to take a closer look at all of the brand new loot and upgrade paths available in Worldslayer. In the build I played, there was some tinkering done so I could have access to all of the new features. For those who played the base version of Outriders, Worldslayer should scratch that itch of going after a specific loot, as well as figuring out which is the optimal class to plow through wave of enemies the fastest.

Near the end of the playthrough, we encountered a very difficult to fight Fisherman boss, that without my teammates’ help, I would have never survived fighting on my own. This was on Ascension level 4 and Apocalypse Tier 2. After a few minutes of back and forth we were successful in defeating the Fisherman.

Outriders Worldslayer is already shaping up to be a fantastic paid expansion for Outriders and definitely new players and old players will have the time of their life with it for hours to come. Outriders Worldslayer release on June 30th, 2022 for the PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series S|X. The expansion is paid and will not be available on Game Pass.

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