Over 100,000 PUBG Cheaters Banned During This Past Weekend

While PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds continues to attract a huge number of good, upstanding players, who enjoy the game’s hardcore skill level and continue to improve naturally, there are other gamers out there who prefer to cheat. These scumbags spoil the fun for others and should be banned.

Fortunately, PUBG‘s anti-cheat system, BattlEye, has been effectively policing servers, banning an extraordinary amount of offending players. 

After releasing new security updates last week, we banned almost 100,000 PUBG accounts this past weekend totaling over 700,000. That being said, fighting cheaters will always remain WIP and never be solved completely, especially in the most popular Battle Royale game.

100,000 accounts banned during a weekend period. Pretty nuts, right?

In other PUBG news, the desert map minimap has been mined from the 1.0 test patch, new official desert map screenshots have been released, and developer Bluehole has revealed a new game

Source: BattlEye (Official Twitter)

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