Own a PS5 Disc Version? You May Want to Install Offline for Faster Installation (Error CE-107863-5)

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If you own a PS5 that takes physical discs, you may want to know that being connected online may slow down installation, as the system adds any updates to the initial install. This may resolve those having the CE-107863-5 error.

As pointed out by Lance McDonald, when connected to the PSN network while installing a PS5 disc version, the console is told (if a dev opts in) to install whatever the latest patch is in the initial install. Unlike the PS4 where this was considered a separate download, the PS5 instead packages it as a single file. Meaning if you were to decide to disconnect from the network, have a sudden outage, or just have poor internet you may encounter error code CE-107863-5, which is a error related to connectivity. What this means is that you won’t be able to install.

The solution to fixing this error code is to simple go offline, delete the current installation and start again. What’s more, however, s that because the console decides to package any update with the original installation, a game install may take longer than expected as tested out by Lance.

DMC install locally

DMC5 Installed While Online

It’s only a slightly larger file size in this case, though other titles have significantly larger updates. This may explain some of the ongoing installation issues that users have been reporting over on the PS5 sub Reddit.

Note that Lance did test this with other titles, such as Demon’s Souls and this appears to be an optional feature that developers can opt in to foe day one updates. In the case of Demon’s Souls the patch was separate from the initial install.

Hopefully Sony changes the way installation and PS5 patches get applied while online to help avoid any unwanted issues. It may be optional for developers to do, but the potential issues accompanied with it may not be worth it.

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