People Can Fly Confirms Outriders Endgame Content Can Be Beaten Solo

Outriders Endgame

Outriders may be geared heavily towards multiplayer co-op, but if you’re someone who prefers playing alone, you’ll be glad to know that it’s entirely possible to solo the whole experience — even the endgame!

In a group interview with the devs that MP1st recently participated in, Lead Game Designer Piotr Nowakowski touched upon on how the team balanced Outriders for both single and multiplayer.

“The experience should be evenly interesting and intensive for someone who plays solo and co-op…. given the balance and each setup will feel comfortable. It’s a little bit different of course, because if you play in a team you may have more tools, the combined power of all the builds tree from different or same characters. So the cooperative mechanics still, most of the mechanics exist also in single because we were not building the game that where one class interacts with a different class and there is a interaction point. It was rather lets have pieces of elements that the system are built and the pieces can be on one class and the second and then the interaction is created.

Still you can have both of the elements on a single class because there are mods for the weapons. So while the class is oriented to one of the direction, the more tools that you have, the different the gameplay can be. I’ll say playing in a single you will experience all the mechanics you will have in multiplayer, but playing it in multi adds a different layer to that.”

So how does this work for the endgame experience? Well, if you are one of the few out there who plans on tackling the game solo, you’ll be happy to learn that endgame content is possible to beat alone — that is, if your up for the difficult task.

“The endgame content is aimed more towards the multiplayer, still you can beat that in single. It will be a little bit more challenging, it will take more time to gather all the things and be more perfect. Still, it will be available in single-player. If you are a single-player oriented player, yeah, you will have a full game with everything available for you.

If you prefer the multiplayer, then it will add additional layers. What’s the most interesting, you can switch between that at any moment. That was super important for us when we were thinking about the game, because that’s the way we like to play. Sometimes you are in the mood, “yeah I’ll just play alone”…but then you play with your friends, you don’t have to switch games, its the same one, you can play with a different approach, different possibility, the difficult adjust. So from that point of view it’s a competent experience and that was one of our goals and I really feel we succeeded, we are super happy about that approach.”

If you are interested in learning more about Outriders endgame content, the previous broadcast stream from yesterday breaks down everything there is about, including how many will be available at release and the difficulty they entail.

We also published a demo FAQ that lists the demo release times, and answers a ton of questions.

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