Play The Crysis 3 Multiplayer Closed Alpha With Developers Crytek

Enjoying the Crysis 3 Multiplayer closed alpha? Don’t miss out on a chance to play with (or against) Crytek developers.

Only a few days ago, Crytek kicked off the official multiplayer closed alpha on the PC for their upcoming sequel to Crysis and Crysis 2. To make things interesting, they are giving fans a chance to play with the developers themselves throughout the length of the alpha.

To get your chance, simply add these names to your list of friends in Origin.

  • Crytek_Ben
  • CRYTEKFellblade
  • CRYTEKCasiussGFX
  • CRYTEKRocketDub
  • CRYTEKWillus
  • CRYTEKJean
  • CRYTEKDinosaur
  • CRYTEKMcGinge
  • CRYTEKKelji
  • CRYTEKOodypops
  • CRYTEKCriminal
  • CRYTEK_eserdem
  • CRYTEKBorisL
  • CRYTEKKillswitch
  • CRYTEKEdbang3r
  • CRYTEKRobDyke
  • Crytek_Echelon
  • Crytek_spagett

The official website also mentions, “If you’re looking to build up your own Squad in Crysis 3, post your gamer ID on Twitter with the hashtag of #Crysis3Friends. We hope to play against you soon!”

Remember, pre-ordering the Crysis 3 Hunter Edition now scores you a free, digital download version of the original Crysis, originally released in 2007.

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