Potential Battlefield V Company Coin Bug Fix Rolled Out via Backend Update, Investigation On-Going

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If you’ve been playing Battlefield V since launch, chances are you’ve encountered an issue with how Company Coin is given out; to be more specific, how it’s NOT being given out if you’ve reached rank 50.

With the holidays now over, it seems DICE has finally resolved this Battlefield 5 Company Coin bug! Well, at least they’re actively doing it. Over on Twitter, Producer Jaqub Ajmal announced that a Battlefield 5 Company Coin bug fix is being rolled out via server-side, though there are still issues with this “fix.”

Battlefield V – Important – We have rolled out a backend update that potentially fixes the issue with rank 50 players not getting Company Coins after consecutive rounds. Please note that we are still working on improving this further and that the Company Coins might take some┬átime to show up in the armory. We are monitoring the system closely and will look at doing further fixes if there are still issues with this particular fix. Thank you for your patience!

Battlefield V – Please be aware that there is an issue with the Company Coins showing an incorrect amount on the end of round screen. We are also investigating issues with some players still not getting coins after rank 50.

Battlefield V – We are also working on bringing you more information, but as we are working on this right now, we are still really digging into all of the details and working on the messaging. We will share information once it’s ready.

If we get any updates from DICE, we’ll update the post accordingly. Let’s hope this gets sorted out soon.

In other Battlefield V news, DICE has said that it’s been working on a time-to-death (TTD) fix for the game, and that it’s confirmed to work, which we hope will be part of January’s patch. The second chapter of Tides of War called “Lightning Strikes” will also get a sneak peek preview today too, so keep an eye for that.

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