Battlefield V Time to Death Netcode Fix Confirmed to Be “Working” According to DICE

battlefield 5 boys at rifle gameplay

Much has been said regarding Battlefield V’s time-to-kill (TTK) and time-to-death (TTD), with DICE going back and forth about it.

While the studio has changed the time-to-death and reverted it back due to public demand, the Battlefield 5 time to death has remain unchanged with the studio seeking help from the community to find a better state for it. Well, it seems the studio has finally found it!

Over on Twitter, DICE Multiplayer Producer David Sirland mentioned that a “big” TTD netcode fix has been confirmed to be “working.”

Sweet. Confirmed a big TTD netcode fix is confirmed working during general play (super bullets) – now we’ll confirm it more scientifically. This is merely one of several good fixes in the pipe to improve the second to second netcode coming your way as soon as we can ship them

We don’t know for certain when this “confirmed” big netcode TTD fix will be implemented, but it’s good news for Battlefield V players nonetheless, no?

In other Battlefield V news, our first sneak peek at Tides of War chapter 2 called “Lightning Strikes” is set for a reveal this week.

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