Battlefield V: DICE Testing Time to Death, Admits Higher Time to Kill Is “Not Balanced”

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With DICE rolling out changes when it comes to Battlefield V’s time-to-kill (TTK), it seems this has divided the community somewhat, with most people on the Battlefield V subreddit clamoring for it to revert to its original state. Of course, given DICE has all of the data, we can’t say for sure whether players are liking it, or hating it based on just the subreddit alone.

Having said that, some of the people within the studio, more specifically Core Gameplay Designer Florian Le Bihan,  thinks the higher TTK is unbalanced, and adds that fine tuning how it works will take some time.

Le Bihan also confirmed that the studio tested the time-to-death (TTD), and did it with YouTubers and fans.

It’s uncertain now how this will change the TTK and TTD in Battlefield V moving forward, though it’s comforting to know that DICE is listening to the community, and even letting them help out to iron out the game’s gunplay, and to find a perfect balance.

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Do you think the TTK is fine as it is now? Or do you want it reverted back to what it was at launch? If you want to know the changes DICE made, check out the TTK changelog here.

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