Battlefield V: DICE Apologizes for Being Radio Silent About Time to Kill Community Concern, New “Core” Version to All Playlists Being Rolled Out Next Week

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With DICE rolling out changes to Battlefield V’s time-to-kill (TTK) to help other players ease into the game, this move hasn’t been accepted warmly by the community. Not only are Battlefield YouTubers harping on about it, but even a lot of people in the Battlefield V subreddit are constantly complaining.

While DICE is now testing the time-to-death, the studio has now found a workaround for the changes while they sort things out internally. In a new post, Global Community Manager Dan Mitre posted a letter apologizing to the community for the studio’s lack of communications regarding the TTK issue, as well as promising that the “Core” playlists will be available for all modes starting next week!

Hi Battlefield Community,

On behalf of the Battlefield team, I’d like to apologize for the silence over the past couple of days on the TTK topic. We’ve seen it’s been a big talking point and causing a divide in the community, which was never our intention. We have been listening closely to what you’ve all been saying.

Changes to the game carrying this kind of weight needs clearer, earlier communication before getting rolled out. We will improve how we roll out updates in the future and respond more quickly when you have questions or concerns.

So, why change TTK now? The intent came from us observing that new players are having a very hard time with the game compared to our core players, and we wanted to see if we could improve this over the holidays so more players can have a great time.

As many of our veteran players know, Battlefield games constantly evolve and change over time in our collaboration with the community. Battlefield V is no exception. We heard your feedback that many of you prefer the old TTK values, with one playlist featuring only Conquest using the “Core” settings clearly not being enough. To fix that, we will be adding a “Core” version of all playlists in the game next week, giving you a clearer choice between new and old settings. We’ll update you early next week on when the new playlist will be added.

We want to hear from you about the changes we’re making. We’d also like to thank all of you for the constructive discussions and feedback we’re seeing. Thank you.

~ The Battlefield Team

Will this be enough for the Battlefield V community that wants the old TTK back? For those playing now, which TTK do you prefer, the original one or the current one out now?

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