Project REsistance Screenshots Leak Out, Seemingly Confirms It’s a Multiplayer Action Game

project resistance screenshots

Earlier today, Capcom announced that a new game bearing the Resident Evil name called “Project REsistance” will be reveal at this coming month’s Tokyo Game Show (TGS). In our post, we mentioned how rumors point to the title as multiplayer game, and it seems early Project REsistance screenshots confirm it.

On the Resident Evil subreddit, user 5eye-samurai found a bunch of images by putting the livestream URL in a YouTube thumbnail grabber. These images, which you can see below, show what seems to eb four characters that are all fighting together against something.

These seem like all-new protagonists, and not someone we’re used to like Leon Kennedy, Chris Redfield, and the rest. Does this confirm that the game will be multiplayer-focused? It seems to point that way. Let’s hope if it is indeed focused on multiplayer, that it plays more like Left 4 Dead than Umbrella Corps., no?

Are you interested to see another multiplayer-centric Resident Evil game or has Outbreak and the other titles killed the hype for it? Let us know down in the comments.

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