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Resident Evil Resistance New Gameplay Shows Parts of the Campaign, Will Be Free With RE3 Remake News 2

News 2 As part of Sony’s State of Play presentation, Capcom unveiled our first look at the Resident Evil spin-off, Project Resistance (now officially called Resident Evil Resistance)! The Resident Evil Resistance new gameplay is bits from the campaign, and there’s a bonus for franchise fans! Oh, and it was also confirmed that Resident Evil 3 Remake […]

Resident Evil: Project Resistance Skills Revealed in New Trailer News 0

News 0 Resident Evil: Project Resistance was officially announced at TGS 2019 and the new 1v4 online survival horror shooter will have players choose either the Mastermind or one of the four survivors available in the game. The survivors, Sam, January, Valerie, and Tyrone, will each have their own set of skills that they can use to […]

Project Resistance Gameplay Reveal Gets Flooded With Downvotes News 0

News 0 Earlier today at the Tokyo Game Show (TGS), Capcom unveiled the Project Resistance gameplay reveal video, which also confirmed our assumptions that it will be a multiplayer-focused game. While that might be the case, people might have been expecting another Resident Evil Revelations, or something to that effect, but most likely not an asymmetric multiplayer […]

Project Resistance Gameplay Revealed & Will Be an Asymmetric 5-Person Game, Closed Beta Announced News 0

News 0 While we got the official trailer for Project Resistance a few days ago, Capcom has now debuted Project Resistance gameplay and a lot of info about the upcoming game set in the Resident Evil universe! We now know that it’ll be an “asymmetric” multiplayer game (ie: Dead by Daylight, Friday the 13th: The Game), and […]

Project Resistance Trailer Released, Confirms Its a Multiplayer-Focused Game News 2

News 2 After being teased a few weeks ago, we now have our first look at the new Resident Evil game titled Project Resistance! As the leaked screens suggest, it is indeed a multiplayer-focused action game. Check out our first Project Resistance teaser trailer below. As the trailer suggests, it’s team-based, which means multiplayer. We even get […]

Project REsistance Screenshots Leak Out, Seemingly Confirms It’s a Multiplayer Action Game News 0

News 0 Earlier today, Capcom announced that a new game bearing the Resident Evil name called “Project REsistance” will be reveal at this coming month’s Tokyo Game Show (TGS). In our post, we mentioned how rumors point to the title as multiplayer game, and it seems early Project REsistance screenshots confirm it. On the Resident Evil subreddit, […]

New Resident Evil Game Codenamed “Project REsistance” Teased, Will Be Shown Off at TGS News 0

News 0 With Tokyo Game Show just a few weeks away, it seems some of the event’s surprises are already being teased. One of these teases is a new Resident Evil game by Capcom. Codenamed “Project REsistance,” this new title in the Resident Evil franchise was teased by the Japanese Twitter account (Resident Evil is called BioHazard […]