PS4 Is Getting an Officially Licensed Xbox-Inspired Controller, Made by Hori

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Clearly inspired by the (in my opinion) more comfortable Xbox One controller, the newly-revealed PS4 Onyx wireless pad will appeal to those who, like me, prefer the Xbox controller, but want to play on PS4.

Hori is the company behind the latest officially licensed PS4 pad, which was revealed over on the PlayStation EU blog.

Here in the UK, the Onyx can be pre-ordered from for £44.99, which is around $60. However, there isn’t yet any confirmation that it will be coming to the US. (I’ll update this post with any new information that comes our way!)

Here’s the official product description:

ONYX Wireless Controller is the next evolution in PS4 gaming. For years PlayStation 4 gamers have been limited to a single controller layout. Today HORI changes that with the ONYX; an ergonomic, Bluetooth wireless controller designed from the ground up to reflect the needs of the modern player. The wide grip chassis sits comfortably in the hands and the offset analogue layout echoes that of more modern console gamepads. For gamers yet to purchase a PlayStation 4 despite the platforms large collection of exclusive titles, now is the time to invest. Enjoy PlayStation 4 exclusives on a controller that suits YOUR play style. ONYX Wireless Controller; get the HORI edge.

At £44.99, I think it will appeal to gamers who own both Xbox and PlayStation systems. Those with larger hands will probably love it, too.

What do you think of the Onyx controller? Let us know.

Source: PS Blog (EU),

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