PS4 Update 4.74 Out, Improves System Perforrmance

PS4 Update 10.00

Sony has rolled out a new PS4 update for the console’s firmware, and as one can expect from an unannounced console update, it’s mostly back-end and system stability tweaks.The main features in PS4 update 4.74 can be seen below as well as links to download it.

Release Notes

Main features in version 4.74 update

  • This system software update improves system performance.

Download link. To install the new PS4 update, just download the file, and you’ll be prompted to install it and the console will restart.

The big firmware update (5.0) is currently in beta, and will be rolled out sometime this year The new features of the firmware has been leaked and it’s juicy.

In other PlayStation news, don’t forget to check out the week-long PS Store sale going on right now where there’s a lot of good titles to be had for a very good price. Shooter fans might also want to get the Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass too given it’s free.

If you notice any new changes on your PS4 after the update, let us know in the comments section and we’ll update the post.

Source: Reddit

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