PSA: Get the Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass for Free on PS4 and Xbox One!

Earlier today, we posted a slew of amazing deals (like Titanfall 2 for just $12) for Sony’s platforms. Well. we’re here to tell everyone that there’s an even better deal out right now.

The Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass can now be yours for free! You can download it for your PlayStation 4 (US download link, EU download link) right now! 

Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb, also tweeted that the Battlefront Season Pass is also available for free on Xbox One!

The Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass includes four expansions, and has the following content (via Battlefront Wikia):

Outer Rim:




Death Star:


Rogue One: Scarif: 


No doubt this is to drum up hype for the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront II, which will be released this November 17 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. Before that though, there will be a beta that players will be able to try this October. Check out leaked beta info right here.

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