PS4 Update 5.56 Update Rolls Out, and It’s More of What You’re Expecting

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Turn on your consoles, people! Sony has just rolled out PS4 update 5.56, and it’s live right now! Clocking in at just 438MB, the new firmware update doesn’t add anything visible up front, but more on for stability and such.

Check out the full patch notes below, and yep, it’s a super short one — which is the same with most unannounced PS4 updates.

Release Notes

Main features in version 5.56 update

  • This system software update improves system performance.

Click here to download the file and to install it via USB.

Don’t forget, the newly designed PlayStation Store search function will be hitting once firmware update 6.0 is released, which is hopefully sometime this year. In other relevant PlayStation news, make sure to read up on the “Erebus” code mined from the Unreal Engine 4 code that hints at the possibility of the PS5, and do check out this coming September’s free PS Plus games which include Destiny 2 and God of War III Remastered for the PS4.

If you notice anything new in the firmware update that’s not mentioned by Sony, let us know in the comments.