Sony on Why No Fortnite Cross-Platform Play: PS4 Is the Best Place to Play

ps4 xbox crossplay

Hold on to your seats, folks, and clench your teeth! This one is about to get testy! It’s no secret by now that a lot of gamers want cross-platform play for Epic Games’ smash hit, Fortnite. While Xbox One players can play against people on other platforms, this generation’s biggest platform player base — the PS4 — isn’t, and now we know exactly why.

Speaking at the IFA technology show in Berlin, Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida talked about Sony not playing ball with the other hardware makers when it comes to Fortnite cross play, and states that they’re not allowing it since the “PlayStation 4 is the best place to play.”

On cross-platform, our way of thinking is always that PlayStation is the best place to play. Fortnite, I believe, partnered with PlayStation 4 is the best experience for users, that’s our belief.

But actually, we already opened some games as cross-platform with PC and some others, so we decide based on what is the best user experience. That is our way of thinking for cross-platform

Yeah, that’s not exactly a good answer to hear if you’re a gamer, no? Of course, Sony might be doing this since they can, given they’re the market leader this generation, and that doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.

Does Sony have a point about this? Is it a good business decision or are they being petty?

Source: Independent UK

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