PS5 Amazon Page Now Live

PS5 Custom Faceplates

Looking forward to buying a PS5 when it launches later this year? Are you buying online or from a physical store? If you’re buying online, chances are you’ll be snagging one via Amazon, and you’ll be glad to know that the PS5 Amazon page is now live!

Unfortunately, there’s no price just yet, and people can’t pre-order. That said, it does list down the console’s new features, the accessories players can buy and even a list of the game’s that have been confirmed for the console.

Chances are, Sony will hold an event again to formally announce the PS5’s price and release date. Once we know more about that, we’ll let our readers know.

In other PS5 news, a fan created a PS5 commercial and it looks amazing! Watch it here. Sony has also revealed the official PS5 box art, and while it doesn’t deviate from the PS4 design, it looks well enough for shelves.

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