Microsoft Executive Says Xbox Series X Devs Will Learn to Address PS5 SSD Loading Screen Advantage

While the Xbox Series X is an amazing piece of tech and is technically better than the PS5, it seems Sony’s next-gen console has one big advantage over Microsoft’s upcoming console, and that’s the SSD (Solid State Drive).

Bill Stillwell, Program Manager at Microsoft who is currently on the Hololens project (was working on Xbox prior) recently took part in a live Iron Lords Podcast where he opened up a bit about the loading screens concerning the PS5 SSD.

Bill Stillwell: I’ll say two things with that. One, I understand that its a marketing point and I think I said in the last Podcast we did, I’m really impressed in the archeticture they did with their drive and they’ll be able to do really cool stuff with it. I also don’t think it’s as impressive over what you’ll be able to do what the Series X has done and so I have high confident in that team. I will also say, look I reserve the right to wake up smarter tomorrow and someone may prove me wrong and we’ll learn.The one thing I have learned is I’v never underestimated game developers to take advantage of something and work around it, but that works on both sides. And so the ability of a game developer to look and say “okay I’m building this game and I want to have seamless transition with no loading screens on PlayStation, but I’m also gonna want to sell on an Xbox, what am I going to do to manage that kind of thing?” Like that will be the trick and the techniques, and so maybe, I’m just making this up, but maybe there are elevators in the Xbox version and not the Sony version. I don’t know how they’re gonna address it, but they will learn to address it and they will figure out ways to work around it, and that’s where you’ll get these economies of these statement of absolute versus what we can actually do when these games releases

He goes on to state that by no means he speaks for the company, though he believes that first-party games will take advantage of next-gen features, with the majority of platforms being designed for multiplatform in mind. 

Given how PlayStation and Xbox games are almost always in parity with one another (based on X360/PS3 and XB1/PS4), could this be the generation that this is going to change? If Xbox Series X games will have additional loading times in its games compared to the PS5, that could be a big deal for most gamers. 

If you want to watch the full podcast (over two hours) you can do so down below

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95 thoughts on “Microsoft Executive Says Xbox Series X Devs Will Learn to Address PS5 SSD Loading Screen Advantage

  1. So Xbox Series X has a super fast SSD and Ps5 has an ultra fast SSD. Series X has more computational power where I believe will be more beneficial. Loading on both platforms should be very limited and no existent.

    1. Loading on PS5 will be nonexistent, on xboxsx it’ll take just a few seconds. Multiplat games will be identical, there won’t be elevators on xbsx while none on ps5, but ps5 exclusives will wreck xbsx and that’s a fact

      1. That’s not a fact and has never been the case. Play games not platforms my friend

        1. “That has never been the case”.

          Indeed, explains why Sony sold 120 million compared to 40 million. Xbox is a good console but it’ll always have trash exclusives, next gen won’t be any different, and that’s a fact

            1. While you and I agree there appears to be a moron in this chain of comments, I believe where we differ is the target of said moronitude.

              You realize you just insulted sometime who was agreeing with you, right?

            2. I’ll just say having a PS4 Pro and having a nice PC to play MS’ exclusives on, basically since the back half of the PS3/360 gen til now I’ve gotten much more enjoyment out of Sony’s titles than out of MS’ titles. MS likes to rely on franchise and formula. Hence why you see different devs swapping in and out of the same properties making the same games over and over again. Sony does things differently. They rely on the DEVELOPER, not the formula. They employ the developers to make what they think is the best decisions. Which is how we got something amazing like an entirely different take on God of War, or constantly evolving entries in the Uncharted Series, or something totally batsh*t like Death Stranding. Whereas I just started recently playing Gears 5 on PC and, guess what? It feels like I’m playing a pretty 360 game. Because that’s what MS likes to do. They are at a point (they were not ALWAYS like this) where they punish the creative and laud the mundane. Don’t get me wrong, they’re all competently made games. But they’re just.. kinda dull. That’s why Epic left Gears. That’s why Bungie left Halo. Because those franchises kinda reached their creative peak a long time ago. But they’re financially successful titles so Microsoft is maintaining a death grip on them and hoping the same lighting will keep striking. Meanwhile, Every new property they tried to introduce this gen arrived DOA with no chance of resuscitation. And because they’re MS, they didn’t give any of those devs a second chance to see what they could do again. They just cut ties unless something is a smash hit right out the gate. Sony is the opposite. And as a result I feel like, my opinion, we get more interesting games out of them.

            3. Bungie left to get in bed with Activision and made a lesser game. Everything you’re talking about happened many years ago. Ever since Phil took over things have been much better. All the teams have spoken out about how microsoft lets them create whatever they like and they aren’t limited and are actually bothered that people think otherwise. Cuphead, Ori, Sea of Thieves, State of Decay, Killer Instinct (resurrected) weren’t dead on arrival and did great. Microsoft invested in a ton of devs for the their first party and we should be seeing the fruits of their labor soon. Great competitions brings out the best in companies. You guys talk like you want one company to dominate. What if Nike, Google, or Ford didn’t have competition. Or do you see what’s happening with Madden and NBA 2K? Do you see how those series stagnated without competition and seem to get worse with each new iteration?

          1. It’s Trendy, Xbox not as popular especially around the world but still was the better machine for a long time. Does it really matter most real gamers will have both anyways.Thing people don’t realize exclusives make up less than 1% of the games released .I have PS4 and Nintendo for it’s exclusives, and Xbox for everything else.

            1. Better machine with much worse looking games and not a single good exclusive to play 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂 i feel sorry for you xbots

          2. Not a fact. Considering that a lot of those who made games for the playstation platform will now be working on xbox exclusives. Only trash xbox exclusive I played was Crackdown 3. Ori is amazing, Cuphead was great, Halo 5 multiplayer was great, State of Decay was very good, Gears 5 was great, Forza Horizon series is great, Forza is great, Sea of thieves was bad when it came out, now it’s great and I enjoy playing it with friends. The people working at the respective platforms aren’t even as biased as you lol. Everyone at Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony plays each others games.

            1. All great games….. none epic that’ll make you want to replay them over and over again. You sounded like you were trying to convince yourself there buddy but I feel for you. Good try though.

            2. You’re a fanboy. I play games not consoles. I have all consoles. Sorry you’re missing out.

    2. Load screens will still exist but the SSD secret sauce is being blown way out of proportion. Same kind of nonsense from the cloud people. Some fanboys never learn I guess.

  2. Despite being granting an advantage to the PS5, the respondent still protects the Series X by summarizing the SSD at load time.

    What has been talked about for a long time, and ignored or not understood by a number of people, is that the new generation of consoles makes new game designs possible, impossible without them. Cerny explained this clearly, and The Cherno did a great review as well.

    Simplifying the SSD to loading screens means limiting games to the lowest common denominator. It is to defend that the other platforms will limit the developers and that everything is fine.

    1. Yeah it’s completely going over people’s heads what it can actually mean to have extremely fast storage as a baseline on a fixed development platform. Always frustrating when can’t, or REFUSE to see the forest for the trees.

    2. SSD load times was already proven to be fictitious. It won’t change a thing. Features wise? This supposed secret sauce is less than 6 months out from launch and we don’t have a single real world example to cite. Not good.

      1. Culling asap is not a feature?

        That is the secret sauce imo

        One thing is for sure; PS5 will be most supported console.

  3. People are SO obsessed with the idea that it’s ONLY about ‘Loading screens’ when in actuality its about SOO much more than that.. from Asset streaming, to games design the impact could be monumental given the developers… Will we see it in multiplat games more than likely not due to working with the lowest common denominator (NOT a shot at XSX it’s the more powerful machine on paper, just talking about in terms of SSD) so what we’ll see are games that work great on both but designed similarly, where we will see the advantages will be in the exclusive line up from PS5 it’s honestly as simple as that.

    1. And yet this revolutionary new technology can’t cite a single real world example.

      Remeber cloud? Meet cloud 2, electric Boogaloo.

      1. 2 key differences

        “Cloud Powa, DX12, Kinect, TFlops” are Microsoft marketing ploys.

        The hype for the ps5 is coming from 3rd party DEVS, not Sony. Yes, Cerny gave an architectural overview to announce it. Ever since then it has been developers praising it over the Xbox s x

        1. *sigh*

          No, 3rd party devs aren’t saying anything. A few, irrelevant losers who haven’t made a single memorable game compliment the addition of SSD’ in both consoles. The articles themselves twist it into being a major advantage for the PS5. No notable dev has made clear cut, definitive statement on the absolute differences. Not. One. I’d love for you to cite it, because I’ll quote the same article where the obfuscate their point to showcase a system that STILL does not have a real world example to prove the secret sauce works. Honestly, kid (no adult is this irrational) go read Carmack’s statement and the articles that came from it. Dude talks about SSD’s overall and they shove their own PS5 filter on it.

          Me and the many consumers doubting this BS will believe it when there’s a real world, in game example, that we can play. Everything until then is Deep Down BS. You have no reason to not be skeptical, both console manufacturers have been incredibly dishonest in the past.

          Get Over It.

          Side note, you attempt to obfuscate more by saying “over” the xsx. Again, that’s never mentioned. Anyone that directly mentions the PS5 doesn’t really say anything about the xsx. People who bring up SSD are talking vaguely about both. Big, big difference.

            1. Discredit the CEO of Epic?

              A. Appeal to authority, not an argument (English: you lose)

              B. What, his malware ridden launcher and ties to China didn’t discredit him enough? Dude discredits himself all the time, I can discredit him without saying a word.

              Your articles in oder.

              Push square. Biased from the get go. Bonus that they retracted, did all the work for me. Retractions aren’t a good thing.

              WCCF fails to cite anyone and isn’t once specific about differences. Just “I like it” nonsense that isn’t a measurable, tangible difference. No example, no dice.

              Jeff Grubb. Who? Seriously, look at what the guy has worked on. That’s your source? Get real. Guy hasn’t been near a single classic, I doubt his insight, as would anyone coming from noname ad revenue websites.

              ” Now anonymous developer sources tell Venture Beat”

              Really dude? Anonymous sources? From more nobody websites nobody has heard of? You should be embarrassed that those are your “sources”. Ones you clearly keep nearby for instances like these when people call you on your BS. Absolutely pathetic.

              Evidence matters, so show it to me. Show me a game and some features that can’t happen on the XsX or PC. I’ll wait, sadly, so will Sony. If they were actually capable of that, we’d see it since that technological revolution is so far beyond what any other tech offers there’s ZERO chance it wouldn’t have leaked already.

              Show me a game, tool.

            2. I showed you what you want, while you throw insults on an article that comes from an ex Xbox dev admitting the Xbox may need something equivalent to elevators in order to work around ps5 advancements. I’m done feeding the troll. You’re probably not even a human, you fucking bot.

            3. You showed me anonymous sources, retractions, and… Someone who had a job somewhere once.

              Gee. If only those were the thing I asked for. A legitimate SOURCE with tangible proof. Not some anonymous tool spouting nonsense. Like you.

              By the way, if you’re going to call someone a bot, try not to have a gibberish name with animu avatars you simp. Enjoy your mute, you’ll quote anything but a first hand, named source with evidence. You’re not worth the oxygen you steal.

            4. retractions usually happen when things aren’t true or confirmed. This is game design vs power.The drive “may” theoretically be a bit faster, by just a bit. We can’t wait to see the Powa of teh SSD

            5. Yea know one knows for sure yet. I just hate when the goal post is moved based on subjective opinions.

          1. Poor guy keeps at it, and keeps taking losses. Epic coming out and saying that they rewrote parts of Unreal Engine 5 specifically to take advantage of the speed of ps5’s ssd speaks volumes. At least it speaks volumes to those with a modicum of intelligence. You don’t exhibit such intellect, so it’s no surprise the implications go right over your wittle head.

        1. Hey, your event just happened.

          It sucked. Tremendously. Art house crap, cinematic crap, black people for inclusivity, no price. With the exception of bluepoint remaking demon souls? Yikes.

          You get what you pay for.

          1. Well this was a great read thatnks for the reply lool… “Black people for inclusivity” looooooooooooooooooooooooooooool what a jokeee!

            1. Right, they definitely didn’t delay the event, plaster a thug and a drug abusers name across the stream “in honor” of George Floyd. All so they could shove a black guy in and rap music as often as humanly possible. Definitely not something the company that had emails leaked saying they’d never cast a black in a lead role would do. No way.

              Take the sunglasses off, we’re inside. You’ll see better.

    1. Him just saying that so casually. That would require fundamentally different level designs for each platform. A cost that studios will NOT want to take on. We’re about to see a big gap between third party and first party titles I’m predicting…

  4. Surely Sony can cite a single example less than 6 months out from launch. If your fascinating tech is so impressive, you’d prove it already and sweep your competitors. You don’t hide this stuff at this point. The consoles are done. Nothing they can do to change them. Put up or shut up.

    1. That’s called Thursday 1pm pst.

      Also Microsoft started marketing early yet Sony is the first to show next gen gameplay?

      Enjoy your 12 TFLOPS Xbox pc trailers.

      Everyone thinks Sony should react to the #3 console maker.

      Sony is revealing it’s console just like it did ps4; in June…

      1. Immediately assumes I’m an Xbox fanboy, how cute.

        You know, wanting Sony to be honest doesn’t make everyone else a fanboy. Just because you’re gullible and you’ll buy any product doesn’t mean it’s good. Enjoy your event, I know I’ll be laughing at it. Who knows, maybe we’ll see more sick exclusives like Deep Down. Actual gameplay footage.

        1. Yes, I’m buying PS5 based on my PS4, PS3, & PS2 experiences because I’m gullible.

          Any company willing to support a console with new AAA games up until the end of a console is my go to.

        2. You poor thing. Sony’s “honesty”, is in the exceptional exclusives it releases. Every. Single. Generation. With consistency. I’ll be playing TLOU II in June. I’ll be playing Ghost of Tsushima in July. What xbox exclusive will you be playing between now and December? I’ll wait……….

    1. They spent an entire generation waiting and planning the next, a clean slate from Don Mattrick tanking their lead from the previous generation. They’re more than willing to go all out this generation as the optics at the start often dictate the rest. Xbox had tepid success with decent software sales bar MineCraft (pretty sure that sold a stupid amount). PS4 sold well with the occasional exclusive selling really really well (lots of flops though). Pretty much exactly what happened over the course of the first year was what happened every year until now. The next 6-12 months will tell us how this generation turns out. So far, ball is in Microsofts court.

      1. I agree with everything you said, but I think the next (18 months) will tell the story.

        1. Roughly 18 months, yes. Optics and the opening year are important. I’ll be watching the Playstation event today since that’s going to set the competitions optics until launch. Nintendo not so much, neither directly compete with them anymore.

            1. How could you agree with basic facts? You need to blindly love one box because that’s how it works. For some reason.

  5. Damn. That alone is foretelling the XSX’s limitations. Gawd damn these Xbox fanboys are gonna be in for a rough ride.


    1. Citation needed.

      Your magical secret sauce is less than 6 months from consumer hands without a real world example.

      You’re full of crap, almost as much as Sony. Not once EVER has proprietary tech in a console made a difference as big as they’re claiming to have. Get over it.

      1. When do you want real world examples? Maybe Thursday?

        What next gen gameplay did the early marketed xsx show again?

        You will see next gen games on PS5 before series x no?

        Unless you are counting Minecraft?

      2. Citation? It’s in the freak’n article! man playing on Xbox really rotted out your brains huh?


          Go live in the Seattle autonomous zone you sheltered retard.

    2. Their last AAA game was September with gears & gears tactics is pc only. It’s already rough.

  6. For multiplats just like how the one x was limited to ps4 pro resolutions on some games I could see the same happening for load times, not to mention the xsx still has 5+ GB/s so that still could very well be fast enough for no load screens in gam

    1. Variances in load times has already been debunked. Will be near unnoticeable compared to each other. Will be very noticeable compared to this generation.

  7. So they will use optimizations to deal with the slower SSD? What if Sony optimizes it’s faster SSD?

    Could Xbox compete with that up to 22GB/s compressed data?

    1. Sony has yet to optimize the ability to update usernames without it turning into a Cluster fuck. Let’s just say that I am not cautiously optimistic with their SDD.

      1. Or have a functioning online service worth using. Hell, downloading games and using the UI is an active God damn chore. Has been for two generations.

        But yes, they invented tech so secret and so saucy that it’ll crush the stronger competition. And nobody of note is talking about it. And there aren’t any examples of the legitimate differences. And the whole loading time thing across different models of SSD was debunked. Strange. Almost sounds like Cloud marketing BS. Crazy.

  8. So they will use optimizations to deal with the slower SSD? What if Sony optimizes it’s faster SSD?

    Could Xbox compete with that up to 22GB/s compressed data?

    1. This poor critter says “sony fanboys thinking whoever has the best ssd has the best console.”

      The intelligent gamer says “Whoever has the best exclusives has the best console.”

      Case opened, case closed. Another win for Sony and Sony console owners. The other side keeps racking up the L’s…they don’t know how to stop the bleeding….lolololol.

      1. People like you make the sony community look toxic. Competition is good for gaming. No company right now would be where they were if it wasn’t for their competition or the ones who came before them

        1. I responded to your to your one-sided comment with an equally one sided comment. Now you want to complain. In reality, I have always been a multi console owner, and also game on pc. About the only device I don’t use for gaming is my cell phone. I fully intend to buy both the series x and ps5. If you don’t want to see one-sided comments, you shouldn’t be making them.

          1. I’m sorry do you know me? No you don’t. So don’t make assumptions about someone being one-sided and you have no idea. Reading your post history you act as a sony elitist and missionary. Please see my previous comment.

    2. What matters is who has the best games. And that was/is and will continue to be Sony. The faster SSD is just icing on the cake.

  9. So here’s a funny thing…
    XBone actually had a better drive than the Ps4. In fact, its loading screens were 20% faster.
    Didn’t really matter though… even though it loaded games faster, the games on XBone ran at lower FPS and lower resolution than the PS4, because of an inferior GPU.
    Since resolution is no longer the issue, the battle will be fought in FPS, of which the XSX will have the upper hand due to the much better GPU.
    I will be buying both anyway…

  10. I prefer playstation but loading times don’t really affect me hell I been complaining about loading times I started on an Atari 2600 shit started right up lol. Seriously tho this is just red meat for us nerds haha.

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