PS5 Confirm Button Will Be X Instead of O for Asia

PS5 Confirm Button

For those looking forward to more PS5 info, Sony has lifted the embargo on Japanese content creators’ time with the console, and bits of news are making its way out. One of the details that have been revealed is how the PS5 confirm button has been changed for Asia!

In case you didn’t know, the “confirm” button for PlayStation games in Asia is O instead of X as is the case with US and EU. Well, it seems that for the PS5, Sony is uniting things. This new report comes Japanese website Watch Impress. Here’s the exact quote via Google translate:

Traditionally, the “right” of the four buttons on the right side has played a decisive role in Japanese game consoles such as the PlayStation. “A” for Nintendo and “◯” for Playstation.

However, in Europe and the United States, the “down” of the four buttons is often used for determination. It is “A” on Xbox and “x” on PlayStation in Europe and the United States. This setting is the mainstream for PCs, following the Western style. The reason why “x” is decided on PlayStation in Europe and the United States is that there is a cultural background that recognizes it as a “check mark” instead of a “x”.

Due to such circumstances, in the past PlayStation, it was often separated from the “◯” decision for Japanese games and the “x” decision for Western games. You can switch between them in the system settings, but not all games follow, and playing the game on a PC or Xbox was confusing and confusing.

This time, in SIE, “x” will be decided in all settings including Japanese games. It can be seen that this is suitable for Europe and the United States, but it has a strong meaning of “to avoid changing the buttons used between the system and the game in an environment where games from multiple countries are played. (SIE public relations) That’s right.

While this might not mean much to gamers in the west, this is a semi big deal for those used to pressing O to confirm in games or even in the console’s menus. That said, based on experience, it’s an easy transition and will likely be something not noticed by gamers after a few weeks.

In other PS5 news, Randy Pitchford, Gearbox CEO, says the next-gen from this gen to the next is the biggest one he’s ever seen.

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