PS5 Leak Shows Off New Section of UI, 664GB Storage, & More (Update)

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A fresh PS5 leak has surfaced, showing off a bit more of the UI along with the storage available on the console. 

Twitter user @ABCYoungBoy posted a new video showing off the PS5 UI, amongst other things such as the console and controller. Down below you’ll get a quick overview of the UI, including what the setting section looks like on the PS5.

Interesting is that it appears that the setting section on the PS5 shares a very similar look to that found on the PS4 just in a different order. Down below is also another video (from a user on discord) showing the boot screen along with screenshots of the UI. The user also has GTAV installed on their system, though obviously the PS4 version. 

As seen previously in the leaked UI image, the PS5 SSD will weight 664GB. This image comes from the same discord user, who says GTAV loads 5 to 10 seconds for single-player and 30 seconds for multiplayer.

The user hasn’t posted additional PS5 leaks, though we expect to see plenty more as we get closer to the launch. The PlayStation 5 officially launches on November 12 in select regions, and November 19 everywhere else.

Update (11/5/20): Sony has asked us to take down the system storage image.

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