PS5 Update 22.01- Sneaks Out This July 27

PS5 Update 24.01-08.60.00

If you saw a new PS5 update notification on your console pop up today, your eyes aren’t deceiving you, as yes, there is a new PS5 firmware update that went out today which players will see as PS5 update 22.01-, and it’s a pretty small download.

PS5 Update 22.01- Patch Notes:

This is a very small download, as it was already downloaded and installed when my PS5 was turned on. Checking in with other PS5 users, they have confirmed that a new, small firmware update has indeed been rolled out without any fanfare from Sony.

For reference, the latest PS5 firmware update which was released this July 7 was tagged as version “22.01-” which means the only digit that changed was the last 0 was flipped to “1.” 

It seems this system update is once again for stability, and doesn’t seem to be a mandatory system update either. We’re scouring the web checking to see if there are other things included in this system patch, and once we know more, we’ll update the post.

If you manage to catch it, let us know the file size of this small download. And if you spot anything that changed, leave a comment below and let us know what it is.

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Michael Cohen
1 year ago

It seems that since that upgrade, I can’t have a stable HDMI connection with my TV. Every time I start a game, the TV blackout and the PS seems to reboot. It does not happen on a Computer screen

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