PS5 Xenomorph Case Mod and Facehugger Stand Are Actual Things

Have you ever wanted to make your gaming console look like it’ll snatch your heart and eat your guts at any given time? Are you a fan of the Alien movie franchise? Managed to snag a PS5? Want to show the world how much you love the Alien franchise? If the answer to all three is a yes, you might be excited to know that someone has actually made a PS5 Xenomorph case mod!

3D printed by LanderQuest, this puts a Xenomorph head between the two PS5 shells! The Xenomorph design was derived from the Alien head wall hanger design, and then customized so it’ll fit the PS5 console. Check out images of it below.

If that’s not enough for you, gamer shqar.ok has created a Facehugger PS5 stand! You can check out that creator’s stuff right here, but if you just want to check the Facehugger PS5 stand, head on below.

What say you, PS5 gamers? Is this something Ripley would be proud of or he’d zap these into space ASAP? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments.

Chances are, we’ll see more stuff like this in the coming months and years, though I suspect nothing official from Sony (but who knows).

If you have a cool news tip, you can reach us here, and if we run it, we’ll credit you!

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