PSA: How to Prevent Destiny 2 Bugged Quest, Bungie Support Is Aware

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The Destiny 2 “Enhance” quest, which should bestow the player with the fan-favorite MIDA-Multi Tool weapon, is unfortunately bugged. Completing the mission will sometimes result in no reward being given, causing players to miss out on the Exotic scout rifle. 

Bungie has acknowledged the problem, and has provided a workaround. (We assume a proper fix will be implemented later.)

Here’s what players need to do to ensure they get the MIDA-Multi Tool reward:

We are actively investigating an issue where Mida Mini-tool is not properly sent to Postmaster. When completing the “Enhance!” Quest, please ensure you have multiple inventory slots available in the Energy Weapons category to prevent this issue from occurring.

Basically, you need to make sure you aren’t hoarding a ridiculous number of weapons on your character. Our advice: Use the Vault to store items you aren’t using but want to keep, and dismantle everything else!

We hope this helps you avoid disappointment! Keep on grinding, Guardians!

Source:, Twitter (@BungieHelp)

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