PSA: Target Warning PS5 Will Be Shipped in Original Packaging With “No Way to Hide It”

ps5 target

For those getting or who managed to snag a PS5 on Target, the retailer has issued a warning that the console will be shipped in its original packaging and that there is “no way to hide it.”

Update: According to customer support, the PS5 will ship in the standard brown target box.


Those who ordered via Target should be getting an email like the one we got today (red boxes are to hide personal info):

As you can see, the warning is in a different font color for added emphasis, it states, “Because this item ships in its original packaging, there’s no way to hide what it is.” Those living in rather sketchy neighborhoods, you might want to make sure you’re at home when your PS5 order from Target arrives, lest you have people stealing it since the PS5 is kinda super hard to get right now.

In other PS5 news, don’t forget that there’s a PS5 event for Asia set for tomorrow! Sony also published a huge FAQ on everything PS5 which you can read about here.

If your PS5 order from a retailer has this same warning or is just out of the norm, let us know by emailing us a tip!

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