PSA: Users Reporting Modern Warfare Regiment Bug Is Preventing Them From Loading the Game

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Introduced in the Season 2 patch in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, are Regiments, which act as the game’s clan system, where players can group up, carry the same clan tag, and such. If you’re looking to find one, be careful of accepting invites, as multiple people have reported a Modern Warfare Regiment bug that prevents them from booting the game!

Reddit user editjames told his tale of woe where after accepting a Regiment invite, he suddenly experienced Modern Warfare error 13-71!

I get a “memory error 13- 71” when I launch the game. There is no fix. Be careful when accepting “regiment” offers. I thought I was connecting with some cool people I played with. Turns out I made the game unplayable. If you google it, people have the same problem. Come on Infinity Ward.

Another one affected is Reddit user 5K337Lord, who says he also got error 13-71 after accepting a random Regiment invite.

Getting dev error 13-71 everytime I try to launch.

seems like other people are having the exact same issue.


ps. if there are any devs that see this, please help 🙁

Fortunately, he did manage to find a workaround to this issue.

Hey so I ended up fixing my account by logging into my activision account on my PS4 (after downloading 100gb -.-‘) and then leaving my regiment on there, loaded back up on PC after that

Unfortunately, that’s not a universal workaround, as gamer editjames has tried it and it didn’t work. Apparently, this Modern Warfare Regiment bug is caused when a Regiment — which you’re already a member of — gets deleted.

We’ve reached out to Activision to see if there’s a proper workaround for this and will update the post if we hear anything back. In the meantime, if you’re one of the people affected by this and managed to find a fix, send us an email so we can update this post and help out other games, or leave a comment below.

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