PSN Down Due to PlayStation Plus Verify Issue That Surfaced After Firmware March 23 Update (Update #2)

PSN Down july 19

While Sony brought in a host of new features in the new 22.01- update for the PS5 released today, it seems to have caused quite of an issue as well. Multiple users (including us here on MP1st) have encountered PSN down issues for multiplayer, as a PlayStation Plus verify issue has surfaced wherein the console cannot recognize a player’s current membership.

PSN Down and PlayStation Plus Verify Issue Status Updates This March 23:

Update #2: While the PlayStation status page still states that “some services are experiencing issues,” it seems online multiplayer and other functionality are back to normal. Over on Reddit, it states that people just need to restart their PS5 console and if needed, restore licenses for the issue to go away.

PSA Update: PSN Servers are coming back online. Restart your PS5 & Restore Licenses to take effect! from PS5

I didn’t even need to do this and have been able to play online multiplayer since a few hours ago. If anything else arises, we’ll update the post again.

Update: The AskPlayStation UK account has acknowledged the issue and are looking into it.

Multiple reports on the PS5 subreddit have surfaced regarding the connection issues that a mod had to post a dedicated thread to it:

PSA: The latest PS5 System Update may give you an error that it cannot verify PS+ subscription and/or cannot connect to servers. Common issue awaiting fix.. from PS5

Here are more gamers commenting on the issue that they cannot connect:

Unfortunately, Sony has not commented on the issues just yet, though we’re hoping this gets sorted out soon. We’re keeping an eye on this and have contacted Sony for a statement, and will update the post if we hear back. We even tried switching regions, and this has not fixed the situation.

If you manage to connect online, share where you’re from down in the comments. If you haven’t updated your console yet, or you know someone who hasn’t, share this post and let them know that once they do, they cannot play online.

We’ll be updating the post as more news develops, so stay tuned.

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1 year ago

My husband and I are sitting next to one another on separate ps4s which were updated simultaneously. I have to verify and he doesn’t. He can use ESO group chat and I cannot. Yay, me.

1 year ago

I was able to play rainbow six siege online but when I tried other games like Elden Ring it kept saying I didn’t have online.

Donnie Eugene Lykans
1 year ago

Out here in Ohio, not recognizing playstation plus current subscription owners! They better fix this fast or they’ll owe a lot of members some credit back!

1 year ago

I’m having the same psplus problems but i haven’t updated my ps5 yet. So it seems to be a server error and not the fault of the actual update.

Valora Black
1 year ago

I live in eastern Washington state, works fine with Elden Ring online so far. Key words, “so far” lol. I got the update as well. Haven’t tried any other games since this is the only online game I’m playing at the moment.

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