PUBG 2 Not Going to Happen Anytime Soon, Building as Games-as-a-Service Focus for Now

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With the massive success of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), it’s logical to assume that we’ll see support for the game for a long while, especially given it’s not even out of Early Access. However, with the game’s sales now at a astronomical number, will studio Bluehole think to capitalize on the craze with PUBG 2 before the hype dies down?

Well, apparently, not anytime soon. Speaking to IGN (via GameSpot), PlayerUnknown himself Brendan Greene emphatically shot all the sequel talk down, and said that Bluehole is focusing on PUBG as a games-as-a-service (GaaS) model, with constant updates, and patches.

We’re building this game as a service. We’ll still have the boxed copy that you buy …we still want to polish and refine. Add more maps, add more assets, and continually refine the gameplay and optimise as we go forward.

That’s actually comforting to hear, no? Rather than getting a sequel out the door for more money, they’re going ot build on the game that brought them success in the first place. 

Check out what’s coming to the game in the future patch notes, there’s also a copycat of the game in China that doesn’t look half bad (no, really).