PUBG Datamine Reveals Three New Weapons, Updated Desert Map Names & More

Dataminers are at it again, digging into the PUBG Test Server update to find hidden (potential) upcoming features.

bizzfarts is the miner behind today’s finds, posting three new weapon models and new desert map names to the PUBG subreddit.

New Weapons

Winchester 1894 (Lever-action rifle)

Rhino (Revolver)

Sawed-Off Double-Barrel Shotgun

Bonus Weapon

Sounds and UI icons for a flare gun have also been found. It isn’t clear if this will cause damage to enemy players, but I certainly hope so!

Flare Gun

In addition to these new weapons, bizzfarts also found a new version of the desert map minimap. The latest edition of the map has updated names, which sound a lot more final than the previous “Dirtbag”, “Zombie”, and whatnot.

Here’s an updated look at Valle Coronado (“Desert Map”):

Click here for a full-res version.

What do you make of those leaked guns? Here’s hoping the flare gun can be used to set enemies alight!

In other PUBG news, the second 1.0 update test is live with new weapons, new screenshots of the desert map have been officially revealed, and new skins and colored parachutes were found in a datamine.

Source: Reddit

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