New PUBG Skins & Colored Parachutes Found in Datamine

Datamining of the PUBG Test Server 1.0 patch has revealed even more clues on future content. Previously, a new weapon and vehicles were discovered, along with the desert map minimap and jet skis. And now we’ve been given a preview of potential upcoming character skins and colored parachutes. 

Take a look at some examples below:


And click here to view the full 41 items found in the 1.0 patch preview.

Some of the items are named “Xbox” and will likely be available exclusively on Xbox One. Many other items seem well-suited to a desert environment, so perhaps we’ll see them release alongside the upcoming desert map.

It’s also worth noting that some of the datamined skins found back in July have still not found their way into the game. So, while it’s nice to see potential new items, don’t grow too attached, as it could be a long while before we see them in-game.

With that said, I am loving the look of that hooded jacket!

In other PUBG news, over 100,000 cheaters were banned during the past weekend, the desert map got new screenshots showing new locations, and developer Bluehole has revealed its new MMORPG project

Source: Skin-Tracker via Reddit

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