PUBG Player Count Breaches 3 Million Concurrent on PC

Just when you thought the PUBG player count articles had stopped, I drag you back in for more! On PC, the concurrent player count has stormed passed the 3 million mark. That’s 3 million players, all online and playing PUBG at the same time.

SteamCharts lists the new record figure as 3,080,769. (Also of note, is the now over 1 billion hours played. I mean, wow!)

And this is just on PC! With PUBG now available on Xbox One, it’d be interesting to know what the total number of concurrent players is, across all platforms. Sadly, we don’t have the tools for that just now! Hopefully the game’s Twitter account will boast about the figures soon…

Are you surprised by how PUBG continues to attract new players and keep them playing? Or is it to be expected of an addicting title like this? Let us know in the comments down below.

In other PUBG news, the Xbox One “Game Preview” version entered the UK sales charts at #4, Minkonet is providing the tech behind the new 3D replay and killcam features, and a map selection option is coming to the game at some point after launch.

Source: SteamCharts via Polygon

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