PUBG Update Lands on PC & Xbox One, Here’s the Patch Notes

Both PC and Xbox One versions of PUBG have received updates. The PC patch is the more substantial of the two, bringing some big changes and fixes, while the Xbox patch mostly helps avoid crashing and in-game lag.

Here’s the full list of patch notes and developer comments for PC and Xbox One:



Changed the map selection ratio to be equal for Erangel and Miramar.


Adjusted replay system so that players can only view game replays from 3 minutes after death.

This is to prevent sharing opponent’s positions to surviving teammates immediately after death.

Bug Fixes

Fixed the issue where some buildings and objects were not marked on the Miramar world map.

Reduced occurrences of the issue where replays occasionally crashed back to the lobby screen.

On restarting a replay, it will continue where last viewed.

Fixed the issue where the beginning of the Death Cam and replay was missing.

Fixed the issue where players couldn’t earn BP.

We will update with a compensation plan soon.

Fixed the issue where players could die unexpectedly from fall damage.

Fixed the issue where bullets couldn’t penetrate particular fences from both sides.

Xbox One

Quick update; we’ve released a server side patch this evening that addresses one of the lower frequency crashes as well as reduces intermittent in-game lag.

In addition we’ve made progress on the authentication issue that many players have encountered and we hope to completely resolve that issue soon.

Are you playing PUBG? If so, what is your platform of choice, PC or Xbox One? Let us know.

In other PUBG news, the Xbox One “Game Preview” version entered the UK sales charts at #4, Minkonet is providing the tech behind the new 3D replay and killcam features, and a map selection option is coming to the game at some point after launch.

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