PUBG War Mode Is Deathmatch With Actual Respawns

PUBG War Mode
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Despite no announcement or teasing from the developer, a PUBG War mode is now available to players. This acts as a type of deathmatch game type, with actual respawns. Yes, players who in this PUBG mode will get to live another life!

The PUBG War mode is currently only available as a Custom Match, with custom rules being available as well.

If you want to play the PUBG War mode, simply hit “Play” and then “Custom Match” to view the session list. You’ll be looking for “WAR” as the mode type.

If you want to see what the mode looks like in action, here’s a video from norovnog on YouTube:

This is a great mode for trying out different weapons. Will you be giving it a go? Let us know.

In other PUBG news, the new Savage map has begun closed testing this week, the first PUBG Event Mode is under way and utilizes the flare gun, and weapon skins have now been added to the game.

Source: PCGamesN

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