PUBG Xbox One Release Time Revealed: Here’s When Exactly It Launches

The Xbox One version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is set to launch December 12. However, that date covers an entire 24-hour period, and I know many of you would like a more precise time. Well, lucky for you, exact expected release times have been posted on Major Nelson’s blog.

Here’s the PUBG Xbox One release time for various regions:

So that’s when you’ll get to play PUBG on Xbox One, but what about how you’ll go about playing it? What’s the control scheme for this hardcore survival title? Well, Xbox has shared information on that, too!

These will be your primary controls when navigating the world. Note that many of the buttons have a dual-purpose by either quickly pressing or holding down. For example, holding X will allow you to reload your weapon; tapping X will allow you to interact with objects. You’ll be interacting with a lot of objects in-game, quickly picking up items as fast as you can in the early going as you’re looking for weapons and equipment.

For in-depth controls for the various vehicles, click here to view all of the control schemes.

Are you excited to finally play PUBG on Xbox One and see what all the fuss is about? Let us know.

In other PUBG news, the PC release date has been officially announced, the new Miramar desert map is now available to trial on the Test Server, and this plane tracker app helps players get an early advantage.

Source: Major Nelson, Xbox

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